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WinRAR is a useful file compression utility for Microsoft Windows. The software program lets you compress large-sized files. There are many instances when it becomes necessary to compress files. For instance, you could be looking to send a large file as an email attachment. Most email clients usually impose a size limit on email attachment. You can then use WinRAR to compress the file to a smaller size.

WinRAR is equally useful when it comes to decompressing files. If you receive a compressed file as an email attachment, Windows will not be able to decompress the data on its own. If WinRAR is installed on your computer, you can select the program to open the compressed file.

WinRAR allows you to decompress files in 14 different formats, including CAB, GZ, ACE, BZ2, JAR, ISO and Z archives. . If you want to use WinRAR as a file compression tool, you can create compressed files in two different formats using WinRAR:



The RAR format was released by WinRAR in 1993. ZIP is another format for storing compressed files.

You can also use WinRAR to create self-extracting files, repair damaged files and split archives into multiple volumes. WinRAR also offers file security features, such as performing a virus scan prior to file extraction.

To compress new files, you can use a simple drag-and-drop method. WinRAR automatically detects and adjusts compression rate of files you are compressing.

One noteworthy aspect about WinRAR as a file compression utility is that the program offers a packaged solution, and not an isolated program. From compression to decompression and file repair, the program offers a variety of uses to meet the needs of basic as well as advanced users.

WinRAR is clearly one of the leaders in free file compression programs. It also provides a number of support options, such as online FAQs, user manual, and knowledgebase. Another option is to contact WinRAR support by email. What the program currently lacks is a dedicated user forum and a helpline or toll free number where users can directly get in touch with the developers' support team.

Downside: Some of WinRAR's features are limited to a free 40-day trial

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