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Viber Desktop Allows You to Make Calls and Send Messages for Free

Viber allows you to make free calls to other Viber users on your Windows Phone or Windows desktop computer. Viber users can make calls, send text messages and share pictures anywhere in the world for free. No registration is required to make calls using a 3G or Wi-Fi network.

Best Quality Mobile Calls

Using an existing data plan to send photo messages and share locations with other Viber users won’t cost you a thing. Just download the Viber app and make calls to friends and relatives for free. Send and receive unlimited text messages to other Viber users without exceeding data limitations or incurring additional costs.

There’s nothing worse than putting up with poor sound quality. The superior sound quality of calls made with Viber is yet another reason to install Viber right away. Let your friends and family members know about Viber to make calls and send texts for free. Viber will use your telephone number and an access code to activate your account.

Viber Desktop

You can use your mobile device or Windows desktop computer to make domestic or international calls. It doesn’t matter what kind of device or network the person you want to call is using. You can text and call other Viber users as often as you please. What’s more, you won’t see any annoying ads when you use Viber to make calls and send messages. Viber also provides outstanding customer service.

Viber works with your Windows PC to connect you and your family to Viber users throughout the world. Just download Viber Desktop and Viber will instantly sync the call history, messages and contacts with your mobile device. Then you can start making free calls to professional associates and acquaintances no matter where they live or what kind of device or network they’re using.

Viber allows you to place HD voice calls and send unlimited text messages absolutely free. Video calls, sticker messages and photo messages are all free with Viber. The more people you tell about Viber, the more free calls you can make. Enjoy video calls with other Viber Desktop users, and transfer calls between your PC and mobile device whenever you please. It’s more than affordable to stay connected with Viber Desktop. It’s totally free.

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