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VLC Media Player - In-depth Review

VLC Media Player is a free media player available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems. If a media file is not supported by your standard media player, then consider downloading this powerful media player that supports a wide range of audio and video file types.

Media Support

In addition to video files, VLC Media Player supports a variety of audio files, including podcasts and Internet radio. It also allows users to record from audio as well as video sources. The recorded files may be saved in any folder of your PC.

Internet Radio

Compared to the standard Windows Media Player that only displays the channel name of a radio station, VLC Media Player offers enhanced song information, such as artist and song title. Improvements can be made in the radio display.


In its entirety, this is one feature that the non-profit developing this media player has somewhat ignored. Rather than an effort to dress things up, the VLC Media Player clearly establishes itself as an emblem of power and advanced capabilities with a wide range of options for the average as well as advanced user.

DVD Playback

VLC Media Player is an excellent choice for playing your favorite DVDs. During playback, you can add effects, adjust brightness, add text, and even crop a DVD. One downside is that the VLC Media Player does not support Blu-ray. The picture quality of DVD is classic. You can also choose from a variety of audio settings. For instance, you can spacialize the audio, allowing you to select audio settings on the basis of your room size. Take snapshots of your favorite movie stars in action. Record the most epic moments of the movie. The recorded files are saved in MPG format to the Documents folder of your PC.


With VLC Media Player, you can create your own bookmarks and save playlist files. Use this feature to store your favorite Internet radio channels, local media and podcast subscriptions. Organization is not one of VLC Media Player's strengths, and it clearly falls short of the organizational features offered by Windows Media Player or iTunes. Overall, VLC Media Player is a powerful program developed by a loving non-profit community. It has undergone a lot of innovation from the time it first hit the market and is still one of the most popular and widely downloaded media player.

June 25, 2014, by Clarence M. Kirby
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