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Team Viewer review

TeamViewer is a free remote desktop access application. The program is simple to use and supports a variety of platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac and mobile OS. In addition to installed version of the program, you will also find a portable application that enables quick access from any computer.

TeamViewer does not require any complicated router configurations for setup. If need arises, remote sessions can also be recorded in video format. Based on the chosen settings, a user can share the entire desktop or a single program window with another user. Another option is to reboot the computer in Safe Mode and then reconnect automatically with TeamViewer.

It also offers a file transfer utility for sharing files, text, folders, images and screenshots with other users.

After installing TeamViewer on any system, the program generates a unique 9-digit code for that computer. The code is permanently tied to the computer and remains the same even after updating or reinstalling the application.

The full version of the program is named ‘All-In-One’ and is offered for free to users who require TeamViewer for personal needs. This version is suitable for constant remote access, also known as unattended access.

You must create and log in to your TeamViewer account through the All-In-One application to keep track of remote computers that have granted you access.

The portable version is suitable for spontaneous support and is called QuickSupport. The portable program is designed for quick access. It quickly generates the unique code that may be shared with any user to whom access is to be granted.

To provide remote assistance to a family member or friend, you can ask them to install the QuickSupport program. After launching the program, they will receive the unique ID code and password that they have to share with you for granting access to their computer desktop.

To connect with the QuickSupport program on your friend’s PC, you have the options to use the All-In-One as well as QuickSupport versions.

For unattended access to a computer, you need to set up a master password on that computer. You can then log in to your TeamViewer account via any computer, mobile or web browser application to connect to the computer using its master password.


  • Completely free for personal use
  • Supports text, video and VoIP chat
  • Enables remote printing
  • Portable version can be run quickly without the need to install the program
  • Connects to remote computer through web browser, mobile device as well as desktop application


  • Costly for commercial use

July 21, 2014, by G Harmon
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