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Skype is a VoIP application that allows users to make free PC-to-PC phone calls from anywhere in the world. Skype is a pioneer in voice communication. Skype has more than 400 million registered users and is currently owned by Microsoft. The name 'Skype' is derived from 'sky' and 'peer,' meaning communication over the Internet.

Requirements for Skype

To make free PC-to-PC phone calls using Skype, you need access to the following: - Computer with decent processor speed and memory
- Strong Internet connection, such as broadband Internet
- Hi-quality speakers and a microphone
- Skype program


Skype offers support for a wide range of phone and PC platforms. Skype for Windows desktop is a useful program with an attractive user-interface. Over time, the company has significantly improved the look of the application.


The quality of an audio call is usually very good, but it still depends on the Internet connection of the user. The video quality can, at times, deteriorate and there are other VoIP applications that known to offer better video chat results.


As discussed earlier, Skype supports a wide range of smartphone and PC platforms, making it immensely popular. In addition to Internet-based free chats, Skype users can allow enjoy advanced features:
- Cheap Calls to Landline and Cell Phone Numbers: Skype users are allowed to make cheap calls to landline and mobile phone numbers. You are required to buy Skype credit to make these phone calls. You can also subscribe to monthly packages that allow you to make unlimited free landline calls to certain countries.
- Multi-user Chat: Skype also allows multiple users to make PC-to-PC phone calls, making it a suitable choice for audio conferences.

Business Applications

Skype offers a number of business applications. Skype is one of the most widely used programs for communication in business. Skype also promotes business activities by allowing users to purchase a Skype phone number, which can then be used to promote business internationally. When someone calls a local phone number that you have promoted in your online ad, you will receive the phone call via Skype.

June 25, 2014, by Robert S. Willis
B. Cook on Jul 04 2014
These days looks like Skype works much better than a mobile phone connection. I got a better connection over Skype each time I called someone in Europe. It's a must-have app.
Anonymous on Jul 25 2014
I really don't understand why people keep using Skype these days. There are a lot of other better options.
mortys pc on Aug 22 2014
Having grave problems signing in will be looking for goog alternative!
Micheal on Sep 23 2014
my pc is 7 64bits
PC on Sep 28 2014
I have better conference with family and friends on skype
Administrator on Oct 01 2014
page is not moving
DOCTOR GIBRAM on Nov 16 2014
That's is it.......yes.....
mans on Feb 15 2015
mans on Feb 15 2015
Dianne on Feb 23 2015
Good complaints
Laptop Jim on Feb 25 2015
Good Program I have no complaints.
Owner on Mar 07 2015
minor glitches but all in all, I like it
El Hidaia on Apr 25 2015
very good programme and i like it
Laizimo on Apr 28 2015
Programme meritant un encouragement positive.
HP Home on Sep 16 2015
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