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Picasa is an online free image organizer and image viewer that allow users to organize, edit and share their digital pictures. The web application was created by Lifescape, Inc. and released in 2002. However, Google now owns the application as of 2004 and began offering it as freeware to the public. The desktop application has been newly updated to version 3.9, which offers Google+ integration along with 24 new special effect features to edit or transform digital photos. With the Google+ integration, users can upload, share and now tag their friends and family on Google+. However, Picasa 3.9 version has eliminated integration with Picasa Web Albums for Google+ users. Picasa supports Windows XP, WIndows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

About Picasa Software

The Picasa software does not store photos from your computer. It only accesses the file types and pulls them up after you tell the application to find it. All original files are never touched when using Picasa editing tools. The edits made on a photo can only be seen in Picasa photo editing until the edits have been saved. Even after the changes are saved, Picasa duplicates a version with the changes made, completely leaving the original untouched

Picasa library has a search bar that is always readily available. All searches are live, therefore items being searched are filtered as the user types. The search tool checks through a variety of meta data, including files, tags, folders and captions. Additionally, users can search by using keywords.

Another search feature that Picasa offers is the ability to search by color. This experimental search tool allow users to type in a color, like blue or red and photos that contain those specific colors will display.

Editing and Organizing

Picasa photo editing tool offers several basic features for transforming your digital photos, including red eye reduction, color enhancement, adding text to images and cropping. As for organization, users can import files. create collections for more sorting, use face recognition and tracking features. With Picasa application, users can also create image timelines and slideshows. The file sizes of images can be adjusted and page layouts can be setup for external uses, such as printing and emailing. Additionally, Picasa can easily be integrated with online photo printing services.

Picasa desktop application supports JPG format, Google WebP format, and many types of RAW file formats. Users can see and edit RAW files and save it as another format without altering the original RAW file.

Picasa Web Albums

Picasa Web Albums, an extension of Google’s Picasa, is an image hosting and sharing service for anyone who wants to transfer photos from their digital cameras and/or computer to the internet. This Google service offers users with a Google account 1GB of free storage that is shared with Google Drive and Gmail, unless the uploaded photos are standard size. Full-sized photos with higher resolutions (higher than 2048 x 2048 pixels) require more space. Anyone who does not have a Google account, can only upload photos with resolutions less than 800 x 800 pixels. Additionally, users can upload videos shorter than 15 minutes. Once the storage limit has been reached, additional uploaded photos will automatically be resized. Users can upload photos and videos from Android, iOS and desktop.

July 8, 2014, by Mary J. Simpson
RICK on Nov 20 2014
How can anybody who has Grandchildren NOT use Picassa.
Rob on Dec 19 2014
Picasa is great
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