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Mozilla Firefox - A User-friendly Web Browser

May 2014 marks the release of Firefox 29, the latest version of Mozilla's Web browser. The new release gets many new features that add to its look and functionality. For instance, it has a new design codenamed Australis and a new menu display.


Australis, Firefox 29's revamped design, comes with three important changes from the former versions of the browser. The orange menu on the top left of browser is replaced with a three-bar menu button on the right. It's definitely worth noting that the new look resembles Google Chrome in some ways. It still retains some of Firefox's signatures, such as the separate search and URL bar. The main navigation buttons, such as Refresh, Back and Forward remain in their original positions.

New Menu Display

Firefox comes with a new attractive menu display. The new display offers a number of hover-activated sub menus that make it easier to navigate to the right menu option. The display makes the sub-menus more touchscreen-friendly, which is another plus.


Firefox has always remained popular for its customizability. With Firefox 29, the customization tools find their place in the new menu display. Using a simple drag and drop method, you can customize the menu to display the most important icons.

More Space for Add-ons

Firefox makes it easier to access add-ons. Your favorite add-ons can be added right on the toolbar, while the less important ones can go to the main menu.


Create bookmarks with the simple click of the start button. A small animation displays where the bookmark has been stored, allowing you to quickly retrieve it.

Better Sync Capability

Firefox 29 enjoys more sophisticated sync capability to quickly access bookmarks across multiple devices. The browser offers cloud storage for storing user information, making cross-platform syncing possible.

Fast Browser

Mozilla claims that the Firefox 29 is the fastest version of Firefox. It also offers graphical evidence to prove this. Mozilla Firefox is a very popular Web browser that has undergone a lot of innovation and improvement. The non-profit always gives you strong reasons to try their new release.

June 25, 2014, by Lloyd S. Harris
RIVERDANCER58 on Sep 21 2014
for some reason my firefox browser keeps freezing,getting a bit frustrated with this
Robert on Oct 17 2014
I have an even later version and frankly its more of the same,can't see nay good reason for IE browser at all.Thanks for all you do.Bob
RIVERDANCER58 on Nov 16 2014
errm firefox working ok now except for one program that says works best on firefox browser and that is Track King but keeps freezing on me,anyone know why this is my fav game
fmcsurf on Nov 29 2014
Is not my favorite broser but...
Administrator on Dec 14 2014
For some reason my firefox browser keeps freezing,getting a bit frustrated with this Robert on Oct 17 2014 I have an even later version and frankly its more of the same,can't see nay good reason for IE browser at all.Thanks!
Tracie on Feb 19 2015
I've been using Mozilla's Firefox browser since it was originally released and have been thru all the aches and pains as you've grown. I NEVER open IE, it's completely worthless to me. I run this program on two laptops, and three desktops. For the first time ever, my tower was not connecting tot he internet. I ran a deep scan on my HP tower, and 2 1/2 hours later, the results showed one add-on locked on to my system and it came via Mozilla Firefox. I was able to quickly quarantine and remove it as fast as it appeared, however, users should remember it's imperative to have a strong anti-malware, anti-virus program and scan your computer on a regular basis. As great as Mozilla is, with its ease of use, it's still an open port, and while creatively dense people create viruses and malware and send their """"work"""" across the net, to our demise, these are all the reasons why I protect my system.
gary on Feb 23 2015
I've had NO problems with FireFox I'm running Ver.35.0.1 I lost a few add on and there are some others that won't work with this ver. But it runs real fast down loads fast and sweet No problems love this one
JASON on Mar 06 2015
like it very much!
Gerry on Apr 10 2015
My son is a staunch Mozilla fan and he told me to try it to eliminate some of the problems I had with IE. Can't say all was peaches and cream but now I think all of """"my errors"""" have been taken care of. (Except ending a sentence with a preposition.)
DCMt on Apr 11 2015
I keep 4 browsers installed. I use Firefox as my primary browser with lots of safety software add-ons and slick convenience extensions and plug-ins. I Keep IE for when FF, etc won't run because some outfit wasn't considerate enough to test it for FF, Chrome, Opera, etc. (I stay in the Windows World.) I run Chrome for another set of conveniences and keep it light and fast with minimal extensions. I keep Opera configured for one application so I don't have to bother with resetting. I'm no expert and I could probably eliminate the 4th browser, but I'm too lazy to learn some of the basics of Windows computing that I missed along the way.
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