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Review for Google Chrome

Today, Google Chrome is better than other browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera. That is, its interface is easier to use, it works faster, and offers more features than its competitors.

However, these three competitors are beginning to outperform Google Chrome in other areas, such as privacy settings. For example, the first thing a user sees when they install Chrome is a login page for Google. This means that the browser begins to collect data from the user from the very start. In addition, features such as Internet Explorer's Tracking Protections offer better user data security than other browsers, including Chrome.

Google Chrome Version 33

This version of Google Chrome tightens security up and addresses various stability issues. Some of the previous features are gone from this version. For example, users cannot re-open closed tabs when they access the new-tab page, nor can they choose a new-tab page that isn't Google's search box.

The Google Search Bar

The default home page--the huge Google's search box--is redundant because users can already search through the address box. The browser also displays the user's most frequented sites in the form of eight thumbnails. Users be wary that these thumbnails are not removed when they clear their browser's history. That is, users have to manually remove each thumbnail by clicking on the x icon on the top-right. There is also a grid on the left links the user to services such as YouTube, Gmail, and Google Drive.

Other Features

Chrome now allows users to search queries by voice. Namely, WebRTC support removes the need for Adobe Flash when using voice search. All users have to do is click the red microphone icon by the search bar. However, Google records voice search queries and has the technology to recognize different voices. It is up to the user to decide whether they feel comfortable using this feature.

Chrome now displays a little sound icon next to the "x" symbol of any tab that is playing music in the background. This helps users who have a lot of tabs open find out which tab is playing an advertisement or music they may not want to hear.

Chrome includes built-in Flash and PDF Support. The Flash plugin updates automatically through the browser. The PDF reader is reliable and makes it easy to read, zoom in and out of, and copying and pasting text.

In sum, Chrome is in the lead for now but its competitors are catching up.

June 25, 2014, by Joshua J. Saenz
Karl on Aug 25 2014
Chrome is probably the best browser out there. Fast, reliable, and always synchronized with my mobile phone. Clearly the best choice.
Joan on Nov 15 2014
I like Google Chrome it's fast and nice but I am interested in comparison with Opera browser as security is also important
ahmad on Dec 04 2014
Browser does not update do not know why please help
William on Dec 11 2014
ok but slow and who knows when the sectors were done
Dad on Dec 18 2014
Have had issues but google has always within seconds taken care of them, fast and worry free, highly recommended !
Rob on Dec 19 2014
Google is great
David on Jan 29 2015
Fed up of Resoving Host issues that make it spin interminabley without loading. Going back to IE. It's faster!
Toshibaconk on Feb 01 2015
No real issues, but reset regularly, even after incognito searches. However,do experience similar problems as ahmad and william
RODA BIBI on Feb 09 2015
Martin.brennan1 on Feb 11 2015
Great to use
mans on Feb 15 2015
AKKURT on Feb 15 2015
judith on Mar 07 2015
Wish I could give Google a good report or grade but sad to say I don't think my Google Chrome wants to be in my computer or something is not compatible with it.For it's tearing my PC and other software up .. I tried reinstalling it and it still causes me trouble form changing my settings to putting locks on my files At times I believe that Google thinks I am two different users or accounts. for I keep getting messages saying that I am not the Admin.and I don't have rights to change my settings. on my Google Chrome any thoughts? And No I am not NUTS! LOL! but I still Love Google Chrome and I won't give up on it!
Scott85 on Apr 03 2015
Google Chrome has always worked good for me
Dianne on Apr 05 2015
Left Google Chrome about 7 years ago to Mozilla Firefox..about 2 days ago I started receiving tons of pop up ads no matter what I click on, whenever I try to make changes I get errors that I am not an administrator and I am the only account on this desktop. I opened my Google email account and literally had to shut down 8 different tabs to get to the email account. I have gone as far as recreating a whole new area on the computer. I say all this because it looks like judith on Mar 07 2015 is experiencing som of the same issues...maybe it is not the program...???
Le-Ann Hepple on Apr 11 2015
Trying to inset Google Drive pictures into a facebook page cant be done?! I'm on windows 8, it feels faster but cant get the correct directory.
actormaned on Apr 12 2015
Google Chrome, though not perfect, has been the best ever browser for us here ever since it has overtaken Internet Explorer as the most used browser in the world. It has continued to develop more and more ideas and apps to stay far ahead in the browser game.
CLIFTON on Apr 18 2015
So far so good my google chrome has been date , never had any major issue.
lazerusjay on Apr 25 2015
Google chrome is good browser and with chromecast its the best.
Hal on Apr 27 2015
Google is great. The bookmark changes I didn't like at all. Disabled it. Like the old saying says """"Don't fix it if it ain't broke"""" or at least let the users decide if they want the changes after a trial period. Otherwise...keep up the great work!
B Real on May 01 2015
Google Chrome is an excellent browser.
Michael on May 09 2015
I found Google Chrome Is one of the fastest,most efficient,easy to use website providers on the Internet circuit. In an ever changing technological world whilst Google Chrome boasts to have some of the handiest tool sites for downloading onto a Pc it also never misses out helping you catch up on all the latest updates...
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