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Review for Foxit Reader

Of all the free PDF tools available online, Foxit Reader is among the best. This is a robust program that can open, edit, print, sign and create fully compatible PDF files. Users will find that it is fast, light, secure and easy on the computer. Despite being all of these, there is nothing that is left out. While it will integrate with context menus in Windows as your default tool for PDF, it will also work alongside other PDF software like the Adobe Reader. Although it can work alongside Adobe Reader, do not mistake this program as a clone of Adobe. This free software works so well that many users find that they actually prefer Foxit Reader to the more well-know Adobe Reader.

Quick Specs

File Size: 35.71 MB
Date Added: July 01, 2014
Price: Free
Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total Downloads: 16,815,913

Many find that the interface for Foxit Reader is aesthetically pleasing, as it features an Office-Style Ribbon toolbar and a standard menu instead of a start button. This look will remind users more of an Office style app than it will Adobe's products. As to actually creating a PDF with Foxit Reader it is as simple as:

Click "File"
Click "Create"
Choose either "From File", "Scanner", "Clipboard" or "Blank"

Foxit Reader does especially well in handling foreign languages like Chinese. You will not have to download any support for the program to recognize these characters.

Even though many people will tend to compare Foxit Reader to Adobe Reader, the real comparison is between Foxit Reader and Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Reader can't create a PDF on its own, but both Acrobat and Foxit Reader can. The main difference is that Adobe Acrobat usually sells for between $70 and $100, and Foxit sells for nothing. It is completely free of charge. Even if you find that the free Foxit doesn't offer everything that you need, there is the option to opt for its premium upgrades. However, the free version meets the needs of the vast majority of its users.

July 8, 2014, by Craig Joe
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