DriverMax NeoSetup Updater - the clean, fast, automated installer. DriverMax is a new program which allows you to easily reinstall all your Windows drivers. No more searching for rare drivers on discs or on the web or inserting one installation CD after the other. DriverMax
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DriverMax Review

DriverMax is a powerful tool that checks and updates the latest drivers on your computer system. It can be very hectic to find drivers for all your devices and components. DriverMax gives you the ability to accomplish the task with a few simple clicks.

After creating a simple user account with the service provider, log in to your account and start updating the drivers. When you reinstall your PC, the changes will be visible.

Faulty or outdated drivers can affect the performance and speed of your PC. By keeping drivers updated, all your computer accessories remain in working condition.

There are instances when you are not looking to update all your drivers. DriverMax allows users to select the drivers that need to be updated.


After you install DriverMax on your Windows PC, a shortcut will be created on the Desktop. Use the shortcut to run the software program. From the main menu, you can select from options, such as:

- Driver downloads and info - lets you view information about your drivers

- Driver backup and restore - click this option to back up your drivers

- Settings - access user settings and advanced options

The right pane also displays a warning sign if DriverMax finds it necessary to run a scan. You will also find your PC information, such as processor and RAM shown in the right pane.

To run a driver scan at any time, simple click Scan for updates now.


DriverMax offers support for a wide range of drivers, including Windows XP system drivers, network adapters, motherboards, MP3 players, keyboards, modems, USB devices, wireless devices, and other third-party hardware drivers.


DriverMax offers a full report on the status of installed drivers. The report can be used for analysis purposes.

Backup and Restore

DriverMax lets you backup and restore drivers. By setting up a restore point prior to the installation of a new driver, you can always revert to the former version, if the update is not supported by your operating system.

Web-based Account Required

To access DriverMax's online tool, you need to set up an account first. There are no charges for creating an account.

June 25, 2014, by Doyle I. Shenck
Jian Auxilio on Jul 07 2014
Greetings , I'm Glad to install it , but hopefully it can help my Slow PC performance :)) Thank you
alharbi on Jul 08 2014
I believe DriverMax is a very good app!
papito1225 on Jul 15 2014
Very good application!
Karl on Jul 16 2014
DriverMax is one of the best tools on my PC. It just keeps it running at top speed without any effort. Keeps my drivers up-to-date for almost 4 years now.
dana on Jul 24 2014
DriverMax really is the best app on my computer! Thank you!
Psithu on Jul 30 2014
Already tried another driver application. DriverMax is the best tool application on my PC. Well done! Tks
Glenn on Aug 09 2014
I have just started using this app and so far so good. If it continues to work as flawlessly as it has been for me, I will have to say it is the best app I have in my arsenal.
omar on Aug 16 2014
Driver Max app is really he best app for downloading drivers!
Terry on Aug 24 2014
I've been using DriverMax for 5 years, for all my PC's. Iv'e tried other Driver update programs but I always come back. Thanks for making such a great program....
teresa on Aug 30 2014
love this program. I had to reload my computer back to factory settings because of a virus. The computer was bought back in 2008. This program was able to go back in and update all my drivers.
Peter on Aug 31 2014
Drivermax is an Awesome software, so easy and so powerfull to update correctly and on time my drivers. A MUST HAVE !
Del on Oct 19 2014
does every thing I expected,and does it very well...........thank you.
Scott85 on Nov 14 2014
Very Very good i scan my computer & if it finds updates it installs them No trouble i have using this program for 2 3 years now
Good Man on Nov 15 2014
The best application among those I am using and its awesome. But limit download for free user is .. like a student
Wolfgang on Nov 23 2014
Driver Max ist ein erstaunlich gutes Programm. Er findet präzise die aktuellsten Treiber; außerdem ist es ein hervorragendes Backup Programm für Treiber.
DCMt on Dec 05 2014
It keeps telling me that there are three updates that need to be installed but then with when i open the program and scan it determines that everything is up to date. I have figured out that if there is a legitimate update it is noted in the initial popup.
Charlie zorro on Dec 09 2014
I'm very happy there is someone out there that is willing to help the people with these drivers for free, and that work very well..Thank you Neo
William on Dec 11 2014
It does not seem to work for my system
racunar on Dec 13 2014
be very cautious when installing Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller driver
Dad on Dec 18 2014
Do not accept any unsigned drivers, if so you have trouble coming your way !
Rob on Dec 19 2014
This driver is great
Alexander on Feb 07 2015
Driver Max es un excelente programa para actualizar todos los drivers en tu computadora. Es muy facil de usar y muy efectivo. Yo lo recomiendo sin ninguna reserve.
paddyjoe on Feb 09 2015
I too have used this Driver Max Pro for a few years and have been very satisfied with it. The only driver I consistently have trouble with is the Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller driver. ..
Nelson on Feb 11 2015
I have found Driver Max to be efficient and best of its kind.
mans on Feb 15 2015
kaido2504 on Mar 30 2015
Thank you Neo.
maximus overdrunk on Apr 14 2015
it's a great app. it really helped when i really needed help
KESANDE on Apr 18 2015
It is a good application
Josephus Debleh on May 14 2015
Thank you!It's really great...helped me a lot....
Roman on Mar 10 2016
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