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CCleaner sweeps away the dirt

There are various bits of software out there to help the average user speedup their computers. They promise untold amounts of extra speed, more efficiency, and a ton of utility. Unfortunately, there are very few that actually deliver on those promises. However, CCleaner has been designed by Piriform to optimize a system while giving the user tools to increase their privacy. While it does have a lot of features, like the registry cleaner, the software never throws unnecessary software or ads at the user. This means that a person can download it, use it when they need it, and not have to worry about the software slowing down their system or throwing random advertisements at them!

The Cleaner

Perhaps the main feature of CCleaner is the ability to remove unused files from the computer. It is silly to imagine how many of these files can slowly build up over the course of time. For example, every webpage that is opened has a file made, or cache, that enables it to load more quickly in the future. However, this increased speed in loading time is minimal at best. Instead, the user is left with hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures and documents that are left completely unused. This is where CCleaner steps in. It will hunt down those files and delete them! This will leave the computer nice and clean, and it should run much more smoothly afterwards.

The Registry

This might be one of the more cautionary features of the software. This tool gives the user the ability to remove unwanted registry files. Since registry files are left behind after a program is uninstalled, or even changed, having too many of these extra files could really start to impact the computer's performance. However, the registry is an integral part of the computer. While it is rare, if the software were to deem something unnecessary when it is needed to operate the system, and delete it, the user might find themselves in a lot of trouble. Thankfully, CCleaner does provide a way to back-up the registry before it gets cleaned. That way it can be restored if anything goes wrong!

Extra Features

On top of all that, CCleaner has a myriad of other useful tools. There are tools to control which programs start with the computer, a way to uninstall stubborn programs, and even a method to scrub down the unused areas of the computer! All of these features, and their ability to perform, make the software a great download for any person looking for a little extra speed or a little more privacy!

June 23, 2014 by David R. Cude
RICK on Nov 20 2014
W/o question my """"go to"""" ultra cleaner; after all the Utilities I use to keep clean and free, this one still always finds more. And the free vers is just as good as $$$. No brainer. This is best.
Dad on Dec 18 2014
I use it for one reason and one only, to rid the computer of ALL the unwanted COOKIES that come in uninvited !
steveaachen on Dec 20 2014
Useful Utility for almost 4J. now - Cookie - & Registry - cleanser, Autostart Manager are working very reliable...
jeff on Jan 29 2015
still need to learn how to run it...basics r good so far i gues
Luis on Feb 15 2015
I prefer in Spanish. Thank's
Dale on Mar 09 2015
An excellent utilities cleaner program with the best price possible... FREE!!
Dale on Mar 09 2015
An excellent utilities cleaner program with the best price possible... FREE!!
ObaidulHaq Sahibzada on Mar 29 2015
A risk free utility
DCMt on Apr 11 2015
I've used this for years and years as a secondary software for cleanup to augment similar programs. I use the free edition only from when there was only free.
Rolando on Apr 25 2015
Since the day I registered for the Professional version, I liked it very much and it works fine. Only one bug: why you dont 'change your """"neutral colors look"""" thus to have something """"positively"""" valid and colourful. Please extend my best regards to the whole Staff with my Greetings from Sardinia, where I live.
Dan on May 03 2015
I wouldn't be without it. I use it on all of my computers regularly.
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