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Review for Advanced Uninstaller PRO

If you are looking to make your computer run more smoothly by getting rid of those junk files and bloatware, Advanced Uninstaller Pro is a tool that will allow you to accomplish these goals. The uninstaller clears out duplicate files, and the software features a file shredder and does away with the cookies and add-ons that are so cumbersome to your computer. The interface is easy to use and features bigger icons that make navigating the program much more simple. However, Advanced Uninstaller Pro is supported by ads, so there will be third-party components that may seem a bit unnecessary.

The tools section of this product has all the tools that you will need to optimize your system. A standard program uninstaller is in this list. This will load a list of applications on your computer, and then all you have to do is click the box by anything unwanted to uninstall them. There is also a feature that will watch all software and applications that you download to your computer to ensure that you aren't putting anything too sketchy on your computer. A feature on Advanced Pro that you may not have seen before with other programs is the Start Menu Cleaner, which gets rid of any programs that you don't want in the Windows Start list.

Also featured in this product are Windows services like disk cleanup, disk defragmentation and uninstall Control Panel Items. Part of these services is a tool that manages fonts that you do not want or use. It will also look for duplicated files and will then remove duplicated files.

While deleting files may seem permanent, many know that these files still exist somewhere out in cyberspace. The File Shredder feature in this product keeps people from recovering your files by overwriting the items you want to delete multiple times. This keeps even the most experienced people in computers from recovering your deleted files.

For those who need help with using Advanced Uninstaller Pro, there are several manuals available online that will help you to make better use of the program. If you need more help, try visiting online forums where other people have experienced similar problems and will help to walk you through yours. You can also find all updates and current information on the company's website.

July 8, 2014, by David M. Richards
Robert Beauregard on Oct 17 2014
Best yet---keep it going guys
Alfredo on Oct 26 2014
Advanced Uninstaller Pro seems to be a real handy tool and hope I might be able to purchase the other products by November 2nd. I am trying this out now and do I need to reinstall same as neosetup indicates? I have just recently purchased two other programs.
iMS Malta Hub on Nov 22 2014
I have been a registered user from back in the days when you had to pay - and now it is better than ever and FREE. An essential tool to keep my groups PC's and Laptops in Tip Top Condition. Check out NeoSetup as well, it is well worth downloading and helps you keep your apps up to date!
wayne on Nov 30 2014
I must say this app is great. Very useful in many ways, When i first came across it in the appstore i had to have it. At one point i uninstalled it but i afto get it back and it's working so well on my PC, thanks.
patricia on Dec 09 2014
Have been using Advanced uninstaller for over 3 years now. People need to check this program out. There is so much of a program left on a regular uninstall, that I did not know until I started using your program. A lot of programs leave files behind and in time they end up filling your PC with crap!
Elpato1 on Dec 09 2014
Advanced Uninstaller Pro is the best program out there. Especially when it is free and is continually updated.
Wil on Dec 11 2014
I've found AU to be an outstanding yet invisible tool PLEASE don't change!
B� on Dec 14 2014
Been using it now for many, many years. It really is a great program!
on Dec 14 2014
Been using it now for many, many years. It really is a great program!
Dad on Dec 18 2014
The Duplicate finder is highly recommended, delete the duplicates and speed up your computer. I did and it works !
Alexander on Dec 18 2014
I love the uninstaller and pray that Foes who created the software leave for ever.
Rob on Dec 19 2014
this uninstaller is great
Rob on Dec 19 2014
Advanced uninshaller pro is great
International Music Services on Jan 01 2015
I have been using this excellent package since before it became free and you had to subscribe. It does what is says and is a must have for anyone who maintains a fleet of laptops like I do. It is fast, bug free and very, very powerful. The daily cleaner is super!
ARXIUFOTOS on Jan 20 2015
Funciona molt bé
AmiRoOo on Jan 21 2015
Mihai on Jan 22 2015
Good uninstaller , probably the best!
Martin.brennan1 on Feb 11 2015
Great and easy to use. The best to date
Claudia on Feb 11 2015
El mejor de todos hasta ahora
John on Feb 15 2015
A great tool.
Dad Dowdle on Feb 20 2015
TheMa on Feb 21 2015
I'm using this programm for several years. And i""""m very happy with it. It's great!!!!
Dale on Mar 09 2015
I have used this free utilities program for a few years now and have concluded that the """"easy cleaner"""" is truly one of the best out there. As far as the """"registry cleaner"""" goes, I have to agree w/ a previous comment... that it does need to be refined as other cleaners I have find more tthan it does.(Advanced Systemcare Ultimate 8 is by far the overall BEST there is in my opinion)
Rick on Mar 11 2015
Very nice tool. It's a keeper
brian on Mar 19 2015
im not great with computors but this is a nice program to keep your computer clean and going good its very well set out and easy to follow
Samuel Vindiola on Mar 23 2015
Great Product, easy to use, intuitive menu.
hempbri on Mar 27 2015
This is so easy to use and if you have just a few minutes to spend tuning up your computer ....its great. It doesnt have any alterior motives of forcing you to download bogus stuff like is almost always the case.
HISHAMUNDA on Mar 27 2015
It is very nice
jmf on Mar 31 2015
It does what you tell it to do and very well.
ken on Apr 03 2015
Have used it for tears - good tool
Dianne on Apr 05 2015
I don't know what I would do without this product...LOVE IT
Khurshid on Apr 19 2015
I found this software very useful in other words you can say excellent.
Dad Dowdle on Apr 27 2015
This is a no brainner, this has the very best uninstaller made by any company, just for that alone, it is highly recommended !
KEN on May 03 2015
Great Uninstaller, highly recommend!
Walt on May 08 2015
Used this program and have installed on all my friends computers. Love it!
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