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AIMP Music Player

AIMP is a free music player that incorporates excellent sound quality with impressive functionality. AIMP supports more than twenty audio formats and is recognized as one of the best music players online. This music player processes audio in 32-bit and features an 18-band graphics equalizer. AIMP includes plug-ins from Winamp as well as various built-in sound effects. The music player also offers improved functionality with Input, DSP and Gen plug-ins.

AIMP allows users to convert CD to WAV, WMA, OGG, and MP3. This is an audio conversion and ripping feature that is useful for converting files to different formats. Moreover, this feature helps save space and rips CD's. The music player can convert sound from other audio sources on the PC to WAV, WMA, OGG, and MP3 formats as well.

Many users are impressed with AIMP's premium quality and improved features. The music player's program offers a professional and stylish design. The program has a user friendly interface that feels fluid and is simple to navigate. AIMP uploads MP3s and plays CDs using basic controls. The audio library is easy to access and helps organize music.

AIMP incorporates several useful features. There is an 18-band equalizer and an Auto Shutdown feature that allows the user to customize time limits. The music player also includes an innovative feature that allows the user to record online radio. There is a one-click sound recording feature that allows the user to record audio directly to MP3. The program accesses the sound card and lets the user record from an open input source such as a microphone or line-in. The program allows the sound card to offer a "What U Hear" feature that record streaming media. AIMP comes as a compressed file and exits folders after uninstalling.

AIMP also includes a Bookmark function that creates and saves different bookmarks out of playlists. This function allows the user to create distinct bookmarks for different categories such as artists and albums.

Overall, AIMP offers a high-quality music player. The user interface is easy to use and simple to navigate. The design is sleek and stylish. More importantly, AIMP incorporates professional features. This music player is capable of playing and concerting any type of audio. AIMP offers an impressive music player that is easy to install and operate.

June 19, 2014, by John T. Collette
Danny Dowe on Jun 27 2014
AIMP is similar to WinAmp in many ways. In fact, I believe it started as a WinAmp clone. However, in time, the Russian developers added a lot of new features and it got much better than the original. Highly recommended.
Criss on Jul 25 2014
I believe Aimp is much better and faster than his competitor WinAmp. WinAmp looks quite obsolete (they didn't change much lately!) while Aimp keeps getting better and better. Despide the complex design it's fast too!
usuario on Jul 25 2014
The sound quality is superior than Winamp
Aemilius on Jan 09 2015
For me, is the better music player, quicker and lighter. I use it for years.
Borisk on Jan 24 2015
very good music player
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