NeoSetup NeoSetup is an application updater and installer for Windows. NeoSetup performs quick, automated application installations. One click setup, no toolbars, no junk, no restarts. Just clean applications. NeoSetup logo

What is NeoSetup ?

NeoSetup is a fast program installer and updater. It will keep the applications on your PC up to date by finding updates almost immediately after they have been released.

NeoSetup simply shows you the list of programs it can install (it’s a pretty good collection of the most usual software) and lets you check which programs you want on your PC. At a click of a button NeoSetup downloads the latest version of each application you selected and installs it automatically, without you having to go through each setup.

The automatic installations performed by NeoSetup are much faster than manual application installations. You can install tens of programs in one go, without having to click Next-Next-Next, wizard after wizard.